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Nancy Pistorius has had more of an interesting life than ought to be allowed. Her parents soon realized there was something a little bit "different" about their daughter when, newly sprung from her mother's womb, she immediately asked for a pen and paper so that she could transcribe her very first travel story, the description of her harrowing trip down the birth canal.

Nancy hasn't stopped writing since. Her first "published" story appeared in her school newspaper when she was in first grade, a poignant and newsworthy account of the death of her classroom's "big turtle." As a child and young teen, she won national poetry contests, short story contests, and also the CHICAGO TRIBUNE's "Voice of Youth" essay contest.

Nancy conducted her first radio interview at the age of nine, interviewing young pianist Ginny Tiu, and later interviewed Ann Landers, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, and US Senator Paul Simon for newspaper articles.

Nancy began her travel writing career as a teenager, penning a weekly column ("The Student Traveler") for the STATE JOURNAL-REGISTER (Illinois). Nancy's travels throughout the world were often highly educational; she experienced her first French kiss in the Boboli Gardens of Florence. Her very romantic young tutor was named "Fiorenzo."

Her wanderlust made her enroll (against her parents' wishes) in an English boarding school in London. Nancy's experience at the hands of two doddering old headmistresses was grim, reminiscent of Dickens' darker tales. No wonder Nancy later majored in English (with a concentration in Victorian Literature) at the University of Illinois, ending up with a Master's degree and both elementary and secondary teaching certificates. While in college, Nancy was a member of Brainchild, a women's poetry writing collective. (You can read some of Nancy's poems by clicking on covers of "The Alchemist Review"--issues Spring 1977 and Spring 1982--at )

Nancy was thrilled to meet Caroline Kennedy recently in Kansas City.
A self-avowed "scribblemaniac," Nancy has been published in such varied venues as COSMOPOLITAN, THE NEW KENT QUARTERLY, ILLINOIS TIMES, SPRINGFIELD PARENT, WOMAN'S DAY, SOCIAL (Kansas City) magazine,, and a variety of anthologies, and she has been profiled in the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD.

Nancy's writing experience encompasses feature writing, public relations, editing, ghostwriting, technical writing, news reporting, travel writing, and research writing. She was formerly editor of the SPOON RIVER LITERARY REVIEW. She belongs to the Juvenile Writers of Kansas City (JWKC), the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens, Midwest Children's Authors Guild, the Society of Southwestern Authors, the Great Plains Writers Group, the Midwest Entertainment Connection, the International Travel Writers Alliance (ITWA), and the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA), and regularly attends the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) Travel and Tourism Conferences.
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